Barboza Joseph

Barboza Joseph AKA The Animal. A Portuguese-American associate of the New England mobs, he earned his living as a murderer (An estimated 26 kills to his credit) loan shark and gun dealer in the Boston area.  In October of 1966 Barboza was arrested for illegal gun possession and while he was in jail, for reasons unknown, he fell out of favor with Raymond Patriarca.  The outfit refused to post his $100,000 bail and Barboza was forced to have two of his close associates, Arthur Bratso and Thomas DePrisco, raise the bail for him. In mid November of 1966,  Bratso and DePrisco entered a mob hang called the Night Lite Cafe and never came out again. They were both shot in the head and then dumped in a field just north f Boston. The FBI used the murders to get Barboza to talk. When he finished talking, the entire Rhode Island-Boston Mob was shaken. The seemingly all-powerful Raymond Patriarca was convicted due to Barboza’s testimoney and sent to prison in Atlanta. His underboss Henry Tameleo, was sentenced to death for the murder of  gangster Teddy Meehan. (His sentenced was later commuted to life.) During Barboza’s testimoney, a car bomb tore off his lawyers legs. Barboza was paroled in 1969 but was arrested again in 1971 for second degree murder and was sentenced to five years at Folsom Federal Prison. He was paroled in late 1975. On February 11, 1976 Barboza was killed in San Francisco by members of the San Francisco Outfit.